That’s My Jam – My Chemical Romance “The End/Dead!”

If you know me or The Wife, then you know that we are huge¬†fans of the rock-group My Chemcial Romance. I could go on and on about how they are still a very under-rated band, despite being so¬†successful; about hey they get unfairly labeled as some weak-ass “emo” teeny-bopper band, when they really are just pure rock-n-roll; and how they actually speak way more to the 30-something crowd -all the dudes are in their early 30’s – then the youngsters they are more associated with. But I will just let the music do the talking. The following two tracks kick-off MCR’s epic, classic, mulit-platinum and brilliant The Black Parade. These two tracks bleed into each other on the album, and are, in essence, a single song. “The End” is basically the intro to both “Dead!” and The Black Parade. The second video below, for “Dead!”, is made by a fan – MCR has some of the most passionate and creative fan-bases – and it is pretty amazing! Check it out.

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