Happy Birthday Twitter!

To know me is to know that I love twitter; love it! For an info-junky like myself, there is nothing better than always having a constant stream of real-time information bites to check in on. From comedy and sports, to politics and music, super-smart writers to moronic celebrities,  I have the latest word on my interests jumping into my phone like it’s a popcorn machine. The other great aspect of twitter is the interaction that is possible between a fan and the people they follow, be they a professional athlete, a real celebrity or a Kardashian, a writer or musician. Sometimes that fan interaction is not always positive, a displayed in the following bit from Late Night w/ Jimmy Kimmel.

I find this both funny and and timely, because last weekend I finally got blocked by not one, but THREE people I follow on twitter. Quite the proud moment for me, because all three of the people who blocked me are creepy shitheads who often tweet out really lame or stupid commentary and jokes. All I did was try to provide some commentary of my own in response, because, after all, a call requires a response.

Later on I will try to post some of the exchanges that got my antagonistic ass blocked, as well as some examples of just how fucking lame and/or douchey these people are. Cheers!

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