MUSIC! On Dubstep & Alex Clare – “Too Close,” “Caroline,” & “Treading Water”

By now y’all have probably heard this song, as it is getting a lot of play these days; you’re very likely to recognize it from the new commercials for the latest iteration of Microsoft’s web browser, Internet Explorer 9. Check out the sweet official video:

So I really am feeling this song, “Too Close,” by Alex Clare, but feared that the whole dubstep (that all the kids are so into these days) aspect of it would render Alex Clare something of a one-trick pony. See, I’ve been listening to more of that dubstep stuff as of late (again, it’s very big with the kids), mostly here at (my blog post on the AWESOME streaming music site), and it is hit-or-miss with me at best. First of all, I’ve moved away from most electronic music since the halcyon days of my NYC clubbing phase in my early 20s. Like a lot of electronic music, I find at lot in this genre to be repetitive and overly dependent on the syncopated rhythm and wobble bass. But when dubstep hits for me, it hits hard: the dirty rythym and bass in the hands of dubstep masters like Diplo, Deadmau5, and Skillrex, combined with other musical elements, definitely turns me on.

Now enter this Alex Clare cat: I fell in love with the following song after someone played it on, which then led me to do some musical sleuthing on the guy. I sampled his entire 2011 debut album, The Lateness of the Hour, and was very impressed (Diplo produced this, unsurprisingly). There is a wide range of musical stylings present on this album, featuring Alex Clare’s outstanding vocals and lyrics on every track, all with just enough of that dirty dubstep flavor to truly make this music and album remarkable. A little digging into Clare’s bio reveals that he is a singer-songwriter; he’s pretty young (27 in September); he is from London, the birthplace of dubstep, apparently. His musical influences range from John Coltrane to BeeGees, and from the Beatles to Radiohead. And he seems to be relatively proficient at a number of instruments, mostly guitar. I can’t stress enough what a leathery smooth voice this man has.

So if you’re a 30+ year-old like myself, and are a little apprehensive regarding this dubstep business, as well as these damn kids playing on your lawn, fear not!, for it is quite alright for you to check out this Alex Clare, and drop a little of your hard earned money on some great new music.

Make sure to check these next two tracks. Unfortunately, the aforementioned “Caroline”, first up, is not on The Lateness of the Hour (I’ve yet to find where it comes from), but the next song, “Treading Water,” is on the album, and has it’s own offical video. Enjoy. And you’re welcome in advance.

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