Celebrities Read Their Hate-Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live

I can not get enough of this bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live. It really is pretty fun and cathartic to fuck with celebs on Twitter: take it from someone who has been blocked by Tom Hanks’ idiot rapping son, Chet Haze.

The following clip seems to be the first, and only other, time Jimmy & Co. did this bit.

Happy Holidaze

This clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live pretty much says it all.

Here’s all I’ll add to the discussion regarding 4/20: while it’s kind of a bummer that April 20th is both Hitler’s birthday as well as the anniversary of the Columbine massacre, I suppose the fact that stoners around the world are peacefully sequestering themselves in smokey rooms listening to The Wall or The Chronic or watching Dazed and Confused or Half-Baked mitigates what would otherwise be a pretty shitty day.